KAPOWAZ INDUSTRIES is the creation of Ben Darlow, a software engineer, designer and mechanical keyboard enthusiast based in London, United Kingdom.

After discovering the mechanical keyboard scene in early 2020 I fell down the rabbit hole in a big way. Some of the keyboards I’ve built include the Skog Reboot by Percent Studio, Boop 65 by biip, Space 65 and Think 6.5 v2 by Graystudio (my daily driver; I’m a big fan of 65% layouts).

I’m a big fan of retro-inspired keycaps from both the classic era of British computing, and mid-late 90s Apple hardware. I’m also an unashamed apologist for the ISO-UK layout, and try to ensure it’s well supported by all my projects. My favourite switch at the moment are Gazzew’s Boba U4 Silent Tactiles, and my favourite keycap profile is MT3.