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ePBT Creative Studio

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ePBT Creative Studio is inspired by your favourite creative tools. The keycap set features dark grey alpha keys, sublegends for your favourite creative tools along with two complementary modifiers themes, in sky blue & navy theme, and orange & maroon.

Group Buy: TBC 2022

  • Deskmat PS
  • ePBT Creative Studio on Haus by Hand Engineering
  • ePBT Creative Studio on Pillow by KeliumWorks
  • ePBT Creative Studio on Bloq by THOK
  • ePBT Creative Studio on Isometria
  • ePBT Creative Studio on M6-C by Rama Works
  • ePBT Creative Studio on Nemui
  • Deskmat Neutral
  • Deskmat AI
  • Deskmat PS
  • ePBT Creative Studio on Haus by Hand Engineering

In addition to support for ISO-UK in the base alphas kit, this keycap set has extensive language support via child kits. Languages supported include Danish, Estonian, Faroese, German, Icelandic, Norwegian, Swedish & Finnish, French & Belgian French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese & Brazil-Portuguese, as well as common keys for Latin American layouts.

  • Spacebars Kit
  • Base Kit
  • Base Kit — no sublegends
  • AI Modifiers Kit
  • AI Modern Kit
  • AI Numpad Kit
  • AI Nomad Kit
  • AI Novelties Kit
  • PS Modifiers Kit
  • PS Modern Kit
  • PS Nomad Kit
  • PS Novelties Kit
  • PS Numpad Kit
  • Neutral Modifiers Kit
  • Neutral Modern Kit
  • Neutral Nomad Kit
  • Neutral Numpad Kit
  • NorDe++ Kit
  • French/French-Belgian Kit
  • Italian, Spanish & Portuguese Kit
  • Spacebars Kit
  • Base Kit